High-Altitude Training


Hello there!! I am EXHAUSTED. I flew to Phoenix, drove to the hotel, tracked down my packages, worked remotely for a few hours, set up the hospital exhibit and did that whole thing for a few hours, hit the gym, ordered dinner, and now I am sprawled on the couch in my hotel suite, trying to weigh the pros and cons of walking to a froyo establishment or never getting up from this couch again.

Before I left for my trip I made sure to pack workout clothes. No point in missing a day at the gym just because I am not at home. While I was in the fitness center another exhibitor walked in to check out the fitness room, saw me and said hi, and came back about 10 minutes later. He told me he wasn’t going to workout but he figured since we had both done the same event, and I was working out, he had no excuse! It made me happy to know I motivated someone today to do something for their health šŸ™‚

In other news, I am really starting to think that training for my half marathon in Utah is going to pay off huge since my race is in So Cal. While jogging on the super fancy treadmill today I felt AWESOME! Salt Lake City’s elevation is 4,226 ft. (above is a pic of our glorious mountains). Scottsdale’s is 1,247 ft. (according to my BFF Wikipedia) so I think that there was definitely a correlation.

I’m excited that I will have that on my side in January. That and it makes me feel fancy to be able to say that I am participating in high altitude training for my halfsy.

Have you ever noticed a difference in altitude affecting you when you traveled for a race?


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