Why hello there! I hope that you are having a fantastic week so far. I am already exhausted. I actually had to go into work today, what’s with that? Some of the hospital’s patients got to play baseball with some minor league players today, so it was a fun but exhausting day.

Because of my recent friend’s visit and my crazy day at work (I wasn’t drinking any water on the field and like a GENIUS I wore my adorable new cardigan, I think I am dehydrated) my workouts have been…confused. I am usually fairly good about working out when I have a long day, but I really feel like today I would do more harm than good, all I want to do is relax with I giant glass of water… or two.


I’ve been reading a lot recently about exercise (mainly running) and nutrition. What to eat, when to eat, how much, etc. I know that a lot of this varies per person, but I like to be informed. Generally I don’t think that I work out hard enough to warrant heavy duty refueling drinks or whatnot. I think that this is a big misconception, you don’t necessarily need the extra calories after a regular workout. I already eat five times a day, and if I time my meals right with my workouts I end up eating about 30-45 minutes after my workout anyways.

When I was running previously (I ran a 4 miler in 2008 and ran about 2-5 miles 3-4 times a week before my 2010 wedding) I noticed that when I ran for more than 45 minutes straight if I didn’t eat the right food very soon after my workout I would get VERY sick—as in dry heaving out my friends car on the way back from the beach, cute I know… So in order to prepare myself for this half marathon proper fuel is a huge focus of mine.


One post workout goodie I love is coconut water. It doesn’t have any protein, but it’s PERFECT for my workouts that are anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. I always get the all natural no added sugars kind. It is rightly called nature’s sports drink, and I cannot sing it’s praises enough.

What is your favorite fuel? Do you time your eating with your workouts? Have you tried coconut water? If not, you MUST maybe start off with a flavored one, the plain is an…um…acquired taste 😉

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